Most Unexpected Sequel Ever? The Passion Of The Christ 2 Is Happening

Mel Gibson is working on a script now.

The Passion Of The Christ
Newmarket Films

Put this one in the most unexpected sequel rumours file - according to screenwriter Randall Wallace (speaking to THR), he and Mel Gibson are working on a follow-up to their 2006 smash (it's still the most successful independent film ever) The Passion Of The Christ.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it's worth remembering that the original film ended with Jesus being taken off the cross and only an oh-so brief scene of his resurrection. There is actually more story to be explored here, so this isn't 2 Passion 2 Christ or A Good Day To Passion Of The Christ (it'll probably be called The Resurrection Of The Christ or similar), but the actual ending of the story.

The most important part of THR's article is the statement from Wallace about how the decision was predicated by a clear desire in the religious community for more of the Christ story, meaning that while there's going to be a greater focus on marketability and, most likely, a steering more into full-on "Christian Movie" territory (that's what Wallace specialises in any way).


Gibson hasn't commented on the story and there's no studio attached, so it's very early days, but Jim Caviezel should keep his eye on the phone.

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