Movie Quiz: Can You Name The Actor Under The Costume?

Do you recognise these incognito actors?


Great actors are like chameleons, frequently changing up their look and mannerisms to suit the requirements of a given role, and many performers clearly relish the opportunity to drastically transform themselves for a part.

And as audience members, there's nothing quite like realising that a well-known actor has been hiding in plain sight the entire time you've been watching the movie.

To that effect, these name actors all concealed themselves behind elaborately devious costumes and get-ups which disguised their true identity for all but the most attentive and eagle-eyed viewers.

You might know that you recognise these faces from somewhere - though in some cases you absolutely won't - but matching them to their respective actors is a lot tougher.

If you get anywhere close to 100% on this quiz, give yourself a firm pat on the back, because these costumes and disguises represent some of Hollywood's most brilliantly sly transformations.

But fear not no matter your score, because the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. Can You Name The Actor?

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