The Muppets: Ranking Every Movie From Worst To Best

In light of Muppets Most Wanted's release, we look back on the film careers of those lovable bundles of felt.

It's no secret that Kermit the Frog has worked with more stars than Tom Jones. From Sir Michael Caine to Bob Hope, the Muppets have stood toe-to-toe with the very best the entertainment industry has to offer - simply because they are the best the industry has to offer. They've been a constant in the pop culture spectrum, imbuing everything they grace with a certain lovability and a touch of light-hearted class unparalleled in any other cultural institution. Whether it's Miss Piggy's turbulent love affair with Kermit, or the comedic thrashing and chaos that accompanies fan favourite Animal, the Muppets have all the ingredients that allow such a collection of characters to stand the test of time and remain as beloved now as they were when they started out. Their comedy is one laced with innocence, underlined with a heart as big as any. Characters like Fozzie Bear anchor the group with as much poignancy and class as they do humour, while Kermit continues to teach us lessons of compassion and selflessness, making it all the more odd that one of the true gentlemen of popular culture is a talking frog puppet? The answer lies with the late Jim Henson, the voice of our green hero (as well as a host of others),who injected all his heart and dignity into his Muppet creations, just as he did with his creative input on works such as Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street. Not only was he the lead puppeteer on many productions, he was also the mastermind behind the ragtag gang's rise to superstardom; guiding them from our television sets to cinema screens before duly passing the torch on to Disney. Between these two mammoths of the industry, the Muppets have appeared in seven theatrical films, as well as plenty of television movies and shows. It's fair to say their presence has been felt for over half a century; a presence that continues to educate and entertain as well as heaping doses of nostalgia onto an aged audience that has been there since the beginning. In celebration of the latest helping of Muppet mayhem, we take a look at their feature films and determine which Muppet caper should be crowned the most glorious.

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