Must Watch: The Assassination of Yogi Bear by the Coward Boo-Boo!

Despite my unconditional love for all things Tom Cavanagh that's been with me since his days on the under-rated U.S. dramedy Ed and my hope that the film reminds casting directors that he's one hell of a likeable actor with bags to offer as a leading man, I won't be seeing Yogi Bear. Clearly this new gloss of a once innocent show hasn't been coated for me. But what's on the agenda here is a perverse and wickedly funny video from animator Edward Earle for a proposed 'alternative ending' for the film that depicts a atmospheric and violent fate for our beloved title character. It's smartly put together and clearly this guy has considerable animation skills (and also a sick and demented mine)... The scene clearly takes the memorable moment from one of the true 21st century greats, The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford... and re-tells it with these supposedly cute and adorable creatures. I never knew I wanted to see Yogi Bear get shot down by the coward Boo-Boo... but I'm sure glad I lived to see it. Would it be so wrong for one projectionist in one movie theatre somewhere to show this as the real ending to Yogi Bear when it hits U.S. cinema's this Friday?
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