My Life Directed Trailer Goes Behind The Scenes Of Only God Forgives

New documentary from the wife of Nicolas Winding Refn.

the cast slowly comes together for Nicolas Winding Refn€™s next picture, The Neon Demon, a brand new trailer has been released for the documentary from his wife that focuses on his previous effort that split audiences right down the middle. My Life Directed comes from Liv Corfixen and follows the intimate and emotional journey she took with her husband as he headed off to Bangkok to film Only God Forgives. A mash of highs and emotional lows look to be on full display as Refn battles with himself and the test that weighs on his family and his filmmaking career. How did he handle working on the project that the world hoped would be just as huge a success as Drive was, and was the result a personal success for him to move on from a film that even he accept was both loved and loathed by many. Nowadays behind the scenes extras aren€™t as popular as they used to be. Even now, Dangerous Days (the behind the scenes look at Blade Runner) and Heart of Darkness (the fascinating documentary on the production of Apocalypse Now) stand as the strongest contenders in that category, but there€™s a chance that My Life Directed could be just as interesting. What do you think though? Would you like to take a peek around the curtain? Sound off in the comments below.


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