National Treasure 2, 30 Days of Night, The Dark Knight pics!

Lots to see!

First up, some set photo's from the set of NATIONAL TREASURE: THE BOOK OF SECRETS and not Indiana Jones IV as many sites around the web initially thought. They don't really show anything, I just found it absolutely hilarious that folks got the two messed up but I will say in that second pic, that doesn't half look like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas on set...

Next up are some set photo's from The Dark Knight. These are said to be Bruce Wayne's new penthouse which he may or may not be living in now that Wayne Manor was burnt down. I'd say the apartment will only make a fleeting cameo though because you can't have a Batman movie without the batcave and Wayne Manor.

And finally, two photo's from the upcoming horror flick 30 Days of Night. Now these photo's aren't really all that new as they come directly from the trailer but I thought I would post it anywhere. These vampires look as cool as hell...

For the National Treasure 2 pics, thanks to Film Pub through Coming Soon. For The Dark Knight pics, thanks to Batman on Film. For the 30 Days of Night pics, thanks to through Filmstalker.

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