Neil Gaiman directing Death: The High Cost of Living?

death-_the_high_cost_of_living.jpgWow, I didn't know this at all. Film Ick are reporting that sci-fi and comic book writer Neil Gaiman is expected to start shooting on his directorial debut later this year if all goes well. The movie will be Death: The High Cost of Living which will be an adaptation of his own mini-series, which is a spin-off from The Sandman series. I've never read this spin-off but I have read a couple of Sandman trades and they were great stuff. Film Ick are reporting that if the film happens, then shooting will take place in the U.K. towards the end of the year and that Hollywood's favourite young actor Shia LaBeouf will play the lead. If you want to know more about Death: The High Cost of Living, then you can download the first issue in the series in PDF format by clicking here. I might just do that myself. It's exciting times we live in right now with genius' such as Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman taking up the lens. Can't wait to see how they adapt to movie making!

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