New Avengers Infinity War Logo Hinted At In Set Photo

Sean Gunn reveals new logo in a behind the scenes Instagram pic.


Sean Gunn, who previously featured in Marvel Studios' release Guardians of the Galaxy as Kraglin (as well as the on-set stand-in for the Bradley Cooper-voiced Rocket Racoon) has posted a potentially revealing image on Instagram after announcing that he is involved with the upcoming 2018 Avengers movie.

Gunn posted a photo of himself from behind the scenes sporting an Avengers drinking mug as well as a beanie hat with a previously unreleased Infinity War logo. He also poked some fun at the secrecy surrounding huge franchise blockbusters in the caption.

Some fans are theorising that the absence of the word "Avengers" in the logo might be signaling to yet another name change for the film, potentially being shortened to just Infinity War. However, the logo does have the Avengers logo integrated into it, and the name recognition is so high at this point that it's doubtful they'll be dropping it from the official title of the film.


In less surprising news, Gunn's arrival on the set likely means that Rocket Racoon will be making an appearance in the movie, joining the rest of the confirmed Guardians: Starlord, Drax, Gamora, Groot and even Nebula.

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