New Batman Film: 5 Actors Who Could Play Commissoner Gordon

The Dark Knight Rises For a generation, Commissioner Gordon will most likely be Sirius from the Harry Potter series. Batman€™s ally took up a far bigger role in the Christopher Nolan€™s Batman universe, brining a lot of the heart to the trilogy. While hopefully given similar on screen time in the next iteration of Gotham, it€™s time for a new generation to have their Gordon. In this list we€™re going to delve into what we think is needed for the role, and who might fit that bill. Some may seem obvious, while others are a bit left field, but all have the ability to be Batman€™s other rooftop half. Let us know who you think would be a good Jim Gordon in our comments section at the bottom.

5. Guy Pearce

rsz_pearce Rumours before the release of The Dark Knight Rises suggested Christopher Nolan could be an executive producer on the next Batman franchise. While seemingly unlikely, if true it could pave the way for some Nolan alumni not previously featured to appear in a Batman film. Some fans constantly pined for the likes of Robin Williams or Guy Pearce to take on a villainous role, but what if the latter was the next Commissioner of Gotham? Not only does he sport a mean Gordon esc tash in the magnificent Animal Kingdom, but he has the screen presence to portray a battle weary authority figure. With parts in Memento and The Proposition under his belt, his range is clear for everyone to see. It€™s important for a role like Gordon to be as substantial as it was in the Dark Knight trilogy, and Pearce has the name and talent that can carry such an important character.

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