New Batman Film: 5 Reasons We Don't Need A Reboot

When The Dark Knight Rises was released this past July, critics and comic geeks may not have seen the same movie, but they could probably agree on one thing: Batman doesn€™t need another reboot. The idea that it does is an honest cash grab, especially when the studio has gone out of their way to show that they€™re jealous of Paramount/Disney€™s beautiful coup with The Avengers only a couple months before. However, it has been suggested (and the ending goes a long way towards setting up this suggestion) that the story is still open for expansion. The only questions are €œHow?€, and rather more pertinently €œHow do you not screw this up?€ With those issues in mind, here are five suggestions for why we don't need another Batman reboot...

5. Christopher Nolan Is Still Close To Warner Brothers

Since 2005, Mr. Nolan has spun straw into gold for Warner Brothers. He turned an ailing franchise into a once more certifiable cash cow, and he didn€™t have to stoop to 3D to do it. With the exception of €œThe Prestige€, he€™s also been an exclusive quantity to Warner Brothers (which has netted them some serious monetary gain), and the best part of the fruitful relationship is that Nolan didn€™t even have to rely on Batman to make their partnership work. The only upcoming project officially on his slate so far is Executive Producer/Mentoring duties on €œMan of Steel€ (alongside mixed bag auteur Zach Snyder, who has also been known to make money for The Shield), and his aspirations look towards everything from video games to James Bond films, and anywhere in-between. With all of this uncertainty in the air, it would be foolish of a studio chair to let someone who€™s done amazing business for you get away, and while Nolan might be finished with The Dark Knight Legend, it would be wise not to sully the good work he€™s done with the franchise. Short of asking him to come back (which probably won€™t happen), the best way to maintain the relationship would be to consult his wisdom on the franchise. His legacy would be intact, he wouldn€™t have to come back to the series full time, and it might help with some of the other points in the list. Such as€

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