New Dark Knight Rises Standee Images Appear Online

Batman, Bane and Catwoman strike a pose for these new Dark Knight Rises promotional images!

A few new promotional images from The Dark Knight Rises, that will no doubt adorn merchandise and magazine covers come July have arrived online! The images are from a set of standees that will go on sale and feature a fairly typical Batman pose (with a firm grip on his cape) , an action-tastic mean looking Bane (grrr he'll break your back!) and in some of the smaller shots a cool Catwoman pose with her holding a gun (which actually has her looking way more Catwoman-y than she has in any shots released so far in my opinion) as well as a more composed Bane (If he was back to back with Batman in this pose, they'd make a great hip-hop duo, right?). The images are all pretty routine for a build up to an all new Batman movie promotional campaign but still provide enough to get us all that little bit more excited about the upcoming Dark Knight Rises release in the summer, that is being touted as the last in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. So what are you guys thinking of Catwoman and Bane so far? Is Catwoman still not catty enough? Is Bane big enough to break The Bat? Are the slight alterations to Batman's costume effective, or is the 'helmet' cowl still too big? and is Batman's cape still going to run the risk of getting caught in the Bat-Pod's back wheel? The build up to The Dark Knight Rises continues and July 20th can't get here quick enough.

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