New Ghostbusters Still And Villain Revealed

These ladies know how to pose.

Entertainment Weekly are at it again, this time sharing a new image from the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot (whilst we're on that subject, I'm really glad that no one has made a 'Ghostbusterettes' joke yet). It's more of the same, if you've seen the previously-released images, but it still looks pretty damn cool, especially with the addition of the flipped fire engine. EW also mention that "Dead criminals from all eras of New York€™s under­belly past have returned to roost", listing off "Pilgrims, old-­timey sailors, Revolutionary War spirits, and even a couple of zoot­-suited gangsters" as adversaries for the new quartet. Although, it is marginally unclear whether EW are making some sort of sweeping generalisation about the potential ghosts the new heroes could face, or whether they are actually divulging a legitimate element of the plot. Whatever the case, Paul Feig gave us all a fun ride with this year's Spy, and I think we're in for a similar treat with this reboot. If anything, it's going to give Saturday Night Live breakout talent Katie McKinnon a huge worldwide platform to show the planet how big her funny bone really is; I think people are going to love her (a fairly unrecognisable name outside of North America), and that this is the start of some very big things in her career. Leslie Jones too, for that matter.

Ghostbusters is released on 15 July 2016.


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