New GI Joe Film To Introduce MASK's Matt Trakker And The Crimson Twins?

Possible early details on third G.I. Joe movie leak?

Matt Traker Gi Joe The first details of the third, as yet untitled GI Joe movie have started to leak out. So far we've got no idea which of the old characters will be returning - though my money is on The "Dwayne Johnson" Rock as Roadblock and Bruce Willis Joe Colton, with Channing Tatum's Duke nowhere to be seen - but one early report has revealed some of the new characters we can look forward to. According to Film Divider, who haven't revealed their secret sources, we can look forward to seeing Matt Trakker and the Crimson Twins, Tomax and Xamot. It seems safe to assume that the twins will be major villains as they have a history of evil-doing in both the animated series and Marvel's GI Joe comics. They're part high-flying bankers, part ruthless mercenaries, and they've got that psychic twin link thing going on. If you put out a cigarette on one, the other will feel the burn. I can see all sorts of potential for set pieces with this, hopefully the screenwriters can too. The filmmakers are apparently looking to cast one actor in both of the twin roles, which sounds like a lot of fun for someone, if also lot of work. Gi Joe Twins Matt Trakker, meanwhile, has been part of Joe lore since Hasbro brought Kenner Toys, but he was originally created as part of the rival MASK line. His inclusion in the new movie could be a set-up to bring in MASK, or maybe even launch a MASK film on the side, if the character proves popular enough. You may recall that MASK toys were the ones... um... with the masks. And they had transforming vehicles that could - yeah - mask their true nature. Geddit? Geddit? How could you not? A big screens Transformers-GI Joe crossover doesn't seem entirely probably, but maybe the introduction of MASK could be the first step towards a "Hasbro universe," not that I've been crying out for one. Still, GI Joe: Retaliation was a marked improvement over Rise of the Cobra, and so I'm hoping the trend continues into the third film. DJ Caruso is currently set to direct and I'm sure we'll be seeing it rip up our screens during summer 2016.
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