New Godzilla Poster Rises In Time For Comic Con

godzilla_2560x1600_v3_880x440 Godzilla is set to devour Comic Con this week. Coming off a weekend where their first stab at a giant monster movie was beaten at the box-office by a kid€™s film and a critically maligned Adam Sandler comedy, Legendary Pictures may feel they have more to prove than ever when it comes to their American reboot of the big G. Which is why we have director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) personally addressing fans in the video below, promising a big surprise in store at Comic Con, and a brand new poster for the film... The poster is a personal favorite, as it shows some clever originality and subterfuge; hinting at the iconic monster without really showing us to him, instead constructing a visage out of the rubble and destruction in his wake. It€™s a beautiful piece of art and, refreshingly, makes one think of the inevitable Mondo-created poster that usually shows up for genre films after their release. It tells a few things; that we needn€™t worry about the studio being shy or ambivalent about their creature€”as Emmerich€™s film was notorious for€”and it also suggests that there€™s some creativity in store when it comes to tweaking the monster€™s image for American audiences. What any of this means for the film itself is questionable, but there€™s probably not a similar movie out there right now with such a lofty pedigree. Godzilla definitely has a cast worthy of his status, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen and Juliette Binoche, with David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston also in tow. Director Edwards has the cereberal giant critter film Monsters to his credit and seems like a reasonable choice to add necessary humanity to those little specs running to and fro beneath the irradiated dinosaur€™s stomping feet. With Legendary having only one other real movie to pimp at Comic Con, the worrying Seventh Son with Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore, expect they and Warner Bros to put their full force behind Godzilla. What do you think of the poster? Has Pacific Rim got you more or less excited for another big screen incarnation of the King of the Monsters? godzilla_poster
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