New LEGO TRON: Legacy Light Cycles Set Available Now!

Get your hands on this tribute to the cult classic movie...

TRON Legacy Light Cycles

Yet more extremely exciting LEGO news for film fans today, as the toy legends have unveiled a new TRON Legacy set, which is available NOW from LEGO Stores and

The set - which is the latest addition to the LEGO Ideas range and was designed by Drew and Tom from YouTube Channel, BrickBros UK - gives fans of the iconic movie series a chance to build their own TRON Light Cycles for Sam Flynn and Rinzler.

The small sets are made up of 230 pieces and come with three LEGO Minifigures - Rinzler, Quorra and Sam Flynn, who each come with Identity Discs to stage your own disc battle. The cycles also have a base plate (which can be separated into two different grids) and emit translucent blue and orange beams (well, brick beams, anyway) from their rears.


It's another great looking set that should be a must-buy for fans of the TRON movies - particularly at £29.99 - as well as offering budding LEGO set designers hope that they could see their own ideas turned into real sets through the LEGO Ideas platform. Submit your own ideas at

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