New Men In Black 3 Trailer Steps Back In Time...

The latest trailer for the Men In Black threequel gives us an extended glimpse at Josh Brolin's Tommy Lee Jones impression, a little bit more plot and a handful of wacky monsters.

The latest trailer for Men In Black 3 is up over at Yahoo! Movies and adds a little bit more to the previous taster, but still, to me feels like only the merest hint of what the final film might have to offer. Watch it below; As those who have seen the previous teaser will know the plot revolves around Agent J (Will Smith) discovering that time has been altered, erasing Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) from existence. J then travels back in time to the sixties where he teams up with Agent K's younger self (a perfect imitation by Josh Brolin) to uncover the mystery of K's disappearance and save him from being killed before he's killed, which would technically have undone the first two Men In Black films anyway, but I'm sure they'll cover that little paradox in the film, or perhaps use it as an excuse to 'erase' Men In Black II from our memories. Having said that, and despite this trailer being a little creaky, I'm looking forward to Men In Black 3, because - as you can glimpse in this trailer - the concept leaves plenty of room for kooky, wacky monsters and eccentric set-pieces, which are always welcome in big blockbusters. Sadly however the laughs on display in the trailer are a little lacking, especially Smith's 'shiznit' line, but there's plenty of promise in the shots that flash by and, fingers crossed, the bulk of the movie will take place in the past allowing Smith and Brolin to grow some fun chemistry and Rick Baker's retro alien designs to really shine. What we still don't get to see in this latest trailer is a good glimpse at the film's villain played by Flight Of The Conchords' Jermaine Clement, and I'm hoping this is the studio - for once - holding some cards to its chest. I have enough goodwill placed in the Men In Black franchise (despite the rather poor Men In Black II) to still be looking forward to this when it hits cinemas on May 25th.

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