New Mutants Movie: 10 X-Men Characters We Want To See

Old and new faces must appear in newly announced X-Men movie spin-off.

Evolution. Survival of the fittest. The adaptation of a species over several generations to make them more successful in their environment. It€™s a central idea behind both the X-Men comic books and a driving rule of movie franchises. And if the X-Men franchise is to survive, to thrive among its competitors, it has to make like a mutant and evolve. They need new characters. They need new plotlines. They need to kill Wolverine. To that end, Fox are looking to expand their movie universe; drawing inspiration from the dozens of secondary x-men titles already out there. X-Men: Apocalypse is to be followed by X-Force, a darker adventure following a black-ops team of mutants on top secret missions. The X-Factor series, meanwhile, promises a group of mutants-turned-detectives in a noir setting. But what about younger viewers? The largest comic book audience remains teenagers, many of which can be considered too young for the adult-themes promised in X-Force. Fox is following the example set by Marvel comics in the €˜80s, when the now-grownup characters of the Uncanny X-Men were deemed unappealing to younger readers. So, while the adult characters were off saving the world, a team of younger students at Xavier€™s School, were busy dealing with teenage angst, growing pains, and, of course, energy blasts. The New Mutants film has only just been announced, so information is extremely thin on the ground. But after trawling through the team€™s history to find the ten characters most likely to appear in the big-screen adaptation, this is the end result...
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