New Prometheus Featurette Reveals The Origins Of The Story

The origins of this new story doesn't seem to be keeping it simple...

Well here we go again. Just when the excitement felt like it couldn't get any more unbearable, 20th Century Fox drop a featurette on our laps that hints at the origins of the up-coming Alien prequel/ not prequel/ is a sort of prequel / oh whatever it looks amazing "Prometheus". There's slithers of new footage in the short behind-the scenes-video and the fact this story has a basic of who or what created humans and how our origins may very well tie into the origins of the Alien somewhere along the line as well is very intriguing. With "Prometheus" tickets on sale, the U.S rating 'R' confirmed and some UK cinema sites confirming a '15' certificate, this movie isn't lessening its grip on the fans who are itching to see it. Could this be even bigger than we even imagined it could be both financially and from a plot point of view? Will we get a movie blockbuster that hits us on an entertainment level as well as an intelligent one as well? Could this be the movie that bursts the superhero bubble that's had a hold on the box office for the past decade and start a whole new wave of science fiction stories done on a grand scale? On a personal note, I can't wait to hear what this film 'sounds' like. Alien was so unique and if Prometheus comes with the same sort of score and approach to the sound design I may actually be in Alien fanboy heaven through this entire experience. At this point in time Prometheus is the movie I'm pinning my hopes on as the film of 2012 and by the sounds of Ridley's closing comment we might actually get to hear ourselves scream in space. Updated: Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox have released more brand new "Prometheus" material to the web with new stills coming from the brand new Facebook page in honour of it hitting 200,000 likes and the 17 stills released in EW yesterday. See them all in our gallery below; Prometheus arrives June 1st in the UK and June 8th in the U.S. and it can't come quick enough!
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