New R-Rated Hellboy Movie Finally Happening With Stranger Things David Harbour

No Perlman and no Del Toro, but it's a start.

David Harbour Hellboy

It's finally happening people.

Sure, we might have to accept that neither Guillermo Del Toro or star Ron Perlman will return for it, but there's a third Hellboy movie in the works, which might be one of the best bits of comic book movie news you'll hear all year.

The news was initially shared by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, who confirmed the rating as well as the hiring of Neil Marshall to direct and the casting of Stranger Things star David Harbour in place of Perlman...


THR then fleshed out the details, confirming it will be a reboot - with the working title Hellboy: Rise of The Blood Queen - and that Mignola has written a script along with Andrew Cosby and Christopher Golden. The creator's involvement would go some way to explaining why Guillermo Del Toro's recent attempt to meet up with him and Perlman to discuss a third movie in his franchise led to such an abrupt negative.


Millennium will be hoping that this new go can do better financially than the beloved but not lucrative Del Toro movies, and the hiring of Marshall should mean a smaller budget and perhaps a tighter focus on horror. Since releasing the underwhelming Centurion in 2010, the director has primarily busied himself with high-value TV shows, directing episodes of Game Of Thrones, Hannibal, Westworld and the upcoming Lost In Space remake.

Harbour, meanwhile, has seen his stock rise incredibly off the back of Stranger Things (mostly because he's incredible in it), and was previously linked heavily with playing Cable in Deadpool 2. He doesn't quite have Perlman's interesting face, but he'd definitely offer a great performance as the demon anti-hero.


Perlman meanwhile seemed to acknowledge the news of the reboot on his own Twitter, using it as a means to advance his current political outrage...

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