New RESIDENT EVIL Trailer Reveals Important Plot Point!

If the fans of the Resident Evil series had any idea that the franchise had an overarching story or point, that idea is thoroughly destroyed by the trailer for the fourth film, Resident Evil: Afterlife. The trailer reveals an important plot point for the entire series SPOILER ALERT: They're trying to make the maximum amount of profit from this pointless, derivative piece of dogshit storyline. Here's the proof: We've gotten to the point where the camera system is the selling point, not the actual movie. While I'm sure Cameron is salivating at credits like this - which will undoubtedly make him much wealthier - I can't believe this is what he had in mind when he envisioned the 3D revolution. What exactly is the difference between the 3D demonstrated here and the 3D gimmick films of the fifties? Also, if the shit flying at our heads in 3D was inserted digitally, then what significant difference does the camera system make in the first place? Short answer: NONE. What we basically have here is a very derivative video game shot with a high-end camera that will cost people $15 to see in a theater while wearing stupid glasses. Anyone who falls for this flea circus gimmick is a fat fingered, Dorito-munching, Crocs-wearing, trailer park retard. What a joke. Here's the trailer for the video game movie, shot with Cameron's "advanced camera system." Unfortunately the camera system isn't advanced enough to make this tired series look mildly interesting or intelligent.

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