New Sausage Party Trailer Brings Hilarious New Footage

Is this the most exciting animated movie of 2016?

Sausage Party Green Band
Columbia Pictures

Just when you think there's nothing anyone can do to knock Pixar off the top of the perch as the most exciting animated releaser, along comes a secret comedy project about sentient food being eaten alive from Seth Rogen and the world spins on a new axis entirely.

From the moment Sausage Party's exceptional first trailer came out (years after Rogen initially pitched it, incidentally, because nobody - understandably - wanted to make it), it became a viral sensation. Part of that had to do with the ingenious switcheroo of the trailer, part the familiarity of the comedy cast and a good deal with the clever perversion of the Pixar model.

It's going to be hilarious. It's going to be outrageous. And most importantly, it's going to make an absolute stack of money, judging by the buzz it's picked up already.


And now there's a new trailer - a Safe For Work version of the immediately legendary first one - which has a couple of new gags and none of those naughty words you can't say in front of your grandparents...


Tell me this isn't going to be incredible.


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