New Star Wars Blu-Rays Will Tide You Over Until We (Eventually) Get The Unedited Originals

Steelbooks? Get in!

The Holy Grail for Star Wars fans is a HD restoration of the original prints of the classic trilogy. Ever since 1980 (when Lucas added the Episode IV: A New Hope subtitle to Star Wars) audiences have had to watch slightly bastardised versions of the iconic movies, and it's only got worse - since 1997 we've had to suffer through a bunch of unnecessary, CGI augmented changes that, while not ruining the films, present a less pure experience. In 2006, a set of purportedly unedited DVDs was released, but as these came from Laserdisc prints their quality was incredibly substandard to the more widely available Special Editions. It was like the fans had been thrown a bone, rather than being given the full Krayt Dragon they wanted. I've been hoping that, with us on the brink of all out Star Wars mania, that Disney would turn around and surprise us with a lovingly restored version before the release of The Force Awakens (there's been rumours Lucasfilm has reacquired the master prints), but no dice. Instead, we're getting a re-release of the Blu-Ray. Woah, woah, woah. Hold on a second, it's actually pretty cool. While these will come with ghost Hayden Christensen, Greedo shooting at Han and the extended entry to Mos Eisley (my personal bugbear), it's hard not to be a bit curious about this latest set. You see, there's something tangible for the collectible-minded Star Wars fans here - on top of a standard artwork reissue, each movie is getting a separate steelbook Blu-Ray. Steelbooks have become a great, practical collectors item in recent years, so it's nice to see Star Wars can now sit alongside the others. The covers are nice and simple, just showing one of the respective film's key characters. I've never actually plumped out for the Saga on Blu-Ray - my DVDs have served me well over the past decade - but something so cool looking (and on a limited release) may convince me. There's also a repacked Blu-Ray, which features a single shot of Vader. If you want to have a collection of the films that calls Episodes I-VI "The Complete Saga", then this may be your last chance. As for those unedited versions? Well, it'll probably not be until we come out the other end of the new cinematic trilogy.
What do you think? Will you buy these ? Or is it just another attempt to get a little more money out of eager fans? Share your thoughts down in the comments.The steelbooks with be available for pre-order on 7th August and released on 9th November. The repackaged Blu-Ray will be released on 12th October
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