New Star Wars Trilogy: 3 Do’s and 4 Don'ts

Hey, did you guys hear about how there€™s going to be a new Star Wars movie in a couple years? And a trilogy after that? And God knows how many other films, TV shows, cartoons and etc. after that? I think I saw someone mention that somewhere recently€ OK, this isn€™t really news. Everyone knows that a galaxy far, far away is coming to a theater near you in the very near future (Mayans be damned) and the speculation for what the new film might be about, who may write/direct it, what crafts service will be providing the food, etc. Rather than join in on that, I€™d like to take the time to give some (completely unsolicited) advice to the executives and filmmakers that are prepping the future of this saga. (And let me preface this by saying that I am woefully ignorant of the Expanded Universe or whatever it is. My only knowledge of those books comes from listening to my friends go on and on about them at the dinner table, while I sadly ate cold French fries and pondered what mistakes brought me to this. So if you€™re interested in knowing what stories and characters should get their own film, search elsewhere.) So, without further ado:
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