New Still: Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp in THE TOURIST

British tabloid The Sun confirms that Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's forthcoming romantic spy drama The Tourist will be released in December, and yes - I realise The Sun isn't the most trustworthy movie source but; A) we have heard rumours of a Christmas release before and B) they did get this exclusive image, so Studio Canal may well have attached a firm date along with it. A Hollywood remake of the 2005 French thriller Anthony Zimmer, Angelina Jolie leads as a bumbling American tourist who falls for international spy Johnny Depp. The film was shot all over the globe but mostly in Venice, as the still above suggests, and co-stars Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell and Timothy Dalton. The Tourist is the first movie from von Donnersmarck-post the excellent Lives of Others and marks the biggest ever release from Studio Canal.
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