New SUCKER PUNCH One Sheet Promises Mental Torture For the "Unprepared"

The trailer for Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch was filled with visually stunning imagery featuring everything from robots, dragons, kinky looking mad girls, swords and guns, all in his trademark speed ramping style. So far, so what? The new one sheet for the movie is more of the the same and I can already envisage this plastered to the wall of many a young teenage boy.

It states triumphantly;
'A mindbending vision of reality from the director of Watchmen & 300.'
Now you really have to ask yourself if this is an attractive offer? Do you really want your mind bent by Zack Snyder? Add to this the vaguely threatening;
'You will be unprepared.'
Okay, so what should I do to prepare myself then? Should I have started to prepare already, tinned food, gas mask a torch? What else do I need Zack? The more I see from Snyder, the more my worry grows for his SupermanReboot. Sure it will look lovely but I fear it will be all good looks and no emotion - something Richard Donner's original movie had and endures in spades. Anyone out there looking forward to this one can catch it mindbendin', earbashin', eyebleedin' 3d IMAX on 25th March.
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