My doubts over Captain America: The First Avenger are rapidly evaporating as more and more of the superhero film is revealed and even just watching this newly released and first full length trailer, I get the feeling that this a story that director Joe Johnston really wanted to tell in a universe that he was happy to be involved with each day and we aren't been setup for another The Wolf Man situation. It craps all over the Thor trailers, that much is for sure. Right now Captain America is scoring a 7.5 where Thor is coming in at about 4 and the other comic book releases of 2011 - X-Men: First Class is a 6 and Green Lantern a 3. Watch the trailer below. Do you love the mention of Hitler as much as I do (I thought with Marvel dropping the Nazi's and changing them for Hydra, he wouldn't be involved), the Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) appearance and the scene chewing of character actors Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci? Still hate the pre-super soldier Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) who looks anorexic and sheepish in that bullying scene and just how awful that CGI looks but there's still time for them to get the effects right. Captain America: The First Avenger will open in four months time.
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