New Trailer For Marvel's Ant-Man Gives Closer Look At Yellowjacket

"I think our first move...should be calling the Avengers."

Ant-Man is just a couple of weeks away from release now, and Marvel have released one more trailer in order to get you excited about the final film of Phase 2. In particular it gives us a good look at Darren Cross (played by Corey Stoll), set to become better known as the movie's villain Yellowjacket, including a glimpse of the conflict between him and Hank Pym that leads to the creation of the suit. As usual it features plenty of the deadpan humour that the film has been playing up, with some excellent lines from Paul Rudd and a great piece of delivery from Michael Douglas. There's also a fair bit of ant-sized action, a nifty soundtrack, and once again Thomas the Tank Engine shows his big round face to cause problems for the characters. There's a couple of nods to the wider MCU - mentions of both Iron-Man and the Avengers - which may just be knowing winks to the other films, but could also be indicative of this film fitting into the larger Marvel universe. Unlike most Marvel films there isn't an early release date for the UK, with Ant-Man set to crawl into cinemas on both sides of the Atlantic on July 17. Make it count, because after that there isn't another Marvel movie until Captain America: Civil War on 29 April next year.
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