New writers for Gatchaman & The Historian, Bourne poster

the_historian__19_small.jpgThere's so much news today, so before I get into Gatchaman just two quick updates. First... The Elizabeth Kostova's novel about Dracula titled The Historian is set to get a re-write from child actor turned writer Brad Caleb Kane says Variety. The kid did the signing for Aladdin in the 1992 Disney flick and he now finds himself writing Dracula for Sony! Weird! Second... Solace in Cinema have two "gritty" posters for The Bourne Ultimatum. Now, I know zero about Gatchaman so I'm just really going to copy the article from Coming Soon pretty much exact... It's been announced that veteran scribe Robert Mark Kamen (The Fifth Element, The Transporter, The Karate Kid and more!) is writing the screenplay for the CG-animated motion picture Gatchaman. He will work closely alongside TMNT director Kevin Munroe in piecing together the story for the superhero flick which is set to come out in 2009.
Based on the successful Japanese anime franchise created by Tatsuo Yoshida ("Speed Racer") in 1972, Gatchaman revolves around a team of five young superhero ninjas who must save the world from alien occupation. With over 200 TV episodes, Gatchaman has delighted fans around the world for more than 30 years. The property's popularity in the U.S. stems from domestic versions of the show, including "Battle of the Planets" and "G-Force."
Sounds great but I think the reason I have never come across the program is because it sounds like an American thing and not really something that made the shores of Britain. Below are some concept images from the film which just look WOW (via AICN)...

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