Newcomer entices Martin Landau & Ellen Burstyn for Romantic flick!

The Hollywood Reporter have news of a new Landau project. He is to team with another Oscar winning actress Ellen Burstyn for LOVELY STILL, a romantic tale to be helmed by total newcomer Nik Fackler for the Indie studio's Parts and Labor and Northsea Films. Fackler has also wrote the script for the holiday fable that tells the story of an elderly grocery store bagger (Landau) who discovers love for the first time with Burstyn's character. Elizabeth Banks will play her daughter with Adam Scott to play the store owner daughter. This rookie helmer apparently wrote the script with Landau in mind for the leading role and after several hours, he managed to convince the veteran to star in his picture. Landau is the one that went after Burstyn and the pieces just fell into place soon after. The two veterans have starred together in the past. In 1994 they appeared in the forgettable comedy THE COLOR OF EVENING but this is the first time they will play the two leads together. This could be a great picture, along the same lines as Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn's ON GOLDEN POND in the early 80's and might just end up being a tearjerker.

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