Nick Gjoka - World's Biggest E.T. Fan Shows Us His Most Prized E.T. Merchandise

This is the E.T. item that started it all! In 1982 I received this E.T. talking doll from my only grandfather. I clearly remember opening the toy up in his living room during Christmas morning. Out of my whole collection this holds the most value to me. This is a display piece from the first VHS release in 1988. All the artwork for E.T. has been done by one of my favorite artists, Drew Struzan. This is a kids E.T. big wheel from 1982. After years and years of searching for it I finally got one and it is still in the original box, which makes it more valuable in the collectibles world. These are rare concept sketches of the Spaceship from the movie. This is a hat that was given to the crew that worked on E.T. "E.T. and Me" was a working title for the film. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is available on Blu-ray from 22nd October. © 2012 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
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