Nicki Minaj Is Down To Play Catwoman In The Batman

A bold casting choice?!

Nicki Minaj Catwoman
DC Comics

Actors campaign for roles all the time, sometimes with great success and sometimes with absolutely none at all. Because, mostly, that's not how casting works in Hollywood. There even seems to be a more virulent strand of people who have tried to play comic book movie characters and failed - like Donald Glover angling for Spider-Man, Nic Cage for several characters and Sean Young's assault on being cast as Catwoman.

They're just great characters, so you can see why they'd be appealing. And they're even appealing to million-selling rap artists who might be currently cutting their teeth in movie work...

That seems to be the case for rapper and pop singer Nicki Minaj who took to Twitter to joke that she's ready to play Catwoman in an upcoming Batman movie.

Nicki Minaj Twitter

She's already got some work under her belt and is voicing Pinky in The Angry Birds 2, for which she's doing some promotional work on her social accounts. That lead to Superstar Jay suggesting she should play the next Catwoman, who is rumoured for Matt Reeves' The Batman and she responded positively.

It's a joke, but can you imagine the fury? It's almost worth wishing it could happen.


The Batman will be released on June 25th, 2021.

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