Nicolas Cage rides the hellcycle again in GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE!

We've known for a while now that Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance was going to be made - probably with Nicolas Cage returning - and that writers/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Crank) were in talks for the sequel, but still - it's always nice to have firm confirmation. While promoting The Sorcerer's Apprentice on The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Cage confirmed that he will reprise the stuntrider-turned-devil's bounty hunter Johnny Blaze, and that Neveldine/Taylor will direct the sequel.
€œThere€™s gonna be a new one. I just made the deal today.€
This was followed by an applause from those in attendance, which only makes me believe that they're being forced to do so by the Floor Manager cues OR they're clueless as to how bad the first Ghost Rider really was. But does this mean National Treasure 3 will have to do without its main man then? Apparently not, as director John Turtletaub assures us that Cage will be able to do both with ease.
€œHe€™ll make both. Also an actor€™s schedule is three to four months. Whereas a movies takes a year and a half. So it won€™t be an issue.€
While the news of Neveldine/Taylor's involvement SHOULD give us some amount of hope that the sequel will be injected with the grit and violence that was so evidently lacked before, please take note that these are the same two guys who wrote the screenplay for this summer's commercial and critical letdown, Jonah Hex. The similarities between Hex and the first Rider are so apparent that it makes me wonder if those guys just got lucky with Crank and if this supposed reboot / sequel / remake will be any better than its original? Though maybe we are being harsh as the final Jonah Hex movie went through so many re-writes and even a new director towards the end of it's production. And Ghost Rider 2 we are assured will be based on a recently updated David Goyer script, which is good news as Neveldine/Taylor are better behind the camera than in front of Final Cut on their PC's. In my opinion, Lost actor Josh Holloway would have been more fitting as Blaze, and the studios should have called for a reboot on the series. Not that it'll guarantee us a better movie, but at least we wouldn't have to be reminded of the last movie. I think it's a shame that Nicolas Cage wants to be involved with this franchise again. I used to be a big fan of the man back when he actually played good roles in quality films but we were pleased by his recent 'Adam West' style portrayal of Big Daddy in Kick-Ass. Back in January, Ghost Rider2 was spoken of as 3-D project that would take the character to Europe. I guess another clue we have for the direction of the sequel, is in the title. For those familiar with the Marvel universe, €˜Vengeance€™ is another skull rider who traded his soul to Mephisto in order to hunt down the vigilante known as Ghost Rider, who he accused of murdering his family€ so this is likely to be the direction here. I guess with Comic Con just around the corner - more news is sure to be spilled like beans.
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