Nicole Kidman is haunted by ghosts again!

Nicole Kidman's biggest financial success' of her career was the period horror movie The Others which grossed $200 million worldwide back in 2001 and was quite a good Ghost yarn if I say so myself. Variety report that she has added a new ghost movie to her upcoming acting and producing schedule. This time it's over at Universal, the home of the horror movie!

Plan is for Kidman to play a woman who, after a tragedy, is encouraged by her father to take refuge in a fancy apartment building. She becomes a shut-in, and begins to see a ghost.
The movie will be a remake of the 2006 Colombian horror movie Al final del espectro which translates into English as At the End of the Spectra but the trade does not mention this, so it could well be changed for the Hollywood version. The director of last year's original has been given the gig to helm the picture which is a superb opportunity for the young Colombian to try and get himself noticed in Hollywood. Fernley Phillips will write the script which is a bit of a downer. His only writing credit is the screenplay to The Number 23 which should set off alarm bells to everyone. I have no problem with Hollywood remaking a Colombian horror flick as I've never seen a movie from that country before and the chances are I never will. Bringing this tale to a bigger audience seems like a good idea and Kidman was surprisingly very adaptable to a horror movie six years ago. The plot of this sounds very similar to that movie too, just without the family and the period setting.


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