Actor claims it simply "wasn't true" he was ever involved in the first place.

With the constant delays on Joe Carnahan's epic Killing Pablo, it's with little surprise today to report that star Javier Bardem has pulled out of the picture. In fact, going one further than that Bardem has told Coming Soon that the scoop on him starring in the picture was " a mistake" from the start and that it simply "wasn't true" he was ever set to play Columbian drug lordr Pablo Escobar.

It's also unknown if Christian Bale is still attached to the project as the cop hell bent on tracking Escobar down. With the role being so similar to that of the role he plays in Public Enemies, one does have to wonder if he chose Michael Mann's project when it was obvious this one was some way off from being ready. Meanwhile, as recently as July 31st, Joe Carnahan was scouting locations for the film and let everyone on his blog know that he hopes to begin shooting in the fall. Suffering an eerily similar delay is the Oliver Stone produced and Antoine Fuqua directed Escobar, which looks at the exact same story of Escobar's rise and fall and has The Bourne Ultimatum and Vantage Point's Edgar Ramirez attached to lead. That project stalled once Stone went into production on W. and has no firm date of revival.

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