No, Birds Of Prey Didn't Have A "D*ck Pics" Storyline Cut

Cathy Yan kills a long standing tasteless rumour...

Birds of Prey Black Mask Ewan McGregor
Warner Bros.

It's almost fashionable at the minute for directors to claim there was an alternate cut to their movies that the studio didn't want and that held their ACTUAL unfiltered vision for the film they wanted to make. For some, like Zack Snyder and David Ayer, there's a lot of truth in the matter that they had actually entirely different movies in the can before the studio meddled with them. For everyone else, it's sort of just part and parcel of the process and it happens to greater degrees depending on the control of the studio.

For Cathy Yan, it seems it happened - to a degree - on Birds Of Prey. The director sent a message of solidarity to David Ayer, who continues his information war on the REAL Suicide Squad saying she knew how he felt to have his vision completely changed by the studio. The inference, of course, is that Warner Bros in some way messed with Birds Of Prey and changed something she didn't want changed.

But do you know what they didn't change? Dick pics.


Not according to Cathy Yan anyway. When she responded and Grace Randolph rather over-zealously "clarified" that she meant the changes to the explicit details on Black Mask's sexuality and a subplot featuring the villain's "erotic photographs", the director shot down the long-standing rumour.

Yan shot down the rumour "clarification" in no uncertain terms: "Excuse me, you have no idea what you’re talking about... there were never dick pics." All of this despite Randolph's insistence that she was misinformed about her own movie because several other journalists had also mentioned the existence of dick pics in the film. Because of course they'd know better than the person who MADE the thing in the first place.



So that's that rumour dead. Unless you choose to believe some sort of weird conspiracy theory whereby Yan is covering up the truth of her own vision. Which you shouldn't, because that's weird.

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