Noomi Rapace Is Amy Winehouse?

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo goes Back To Black?

Often when a documentary is a success, a narrative-based feature film adaptation soon follows the subject matter and that would appear to be the case with the life of Amy Winehouse. Screen Daily reports that Noomi Rapace has entered talks to play the late singer in a new biopic for August Rush director Kristen Sheridan. This comes just months after Asif Kapadia's documentary Amy won plaudits from many for its deft touch in respectfully showcasing her life and career. Winehouse, a three time Grammy award winner and one of the most lauded singers of her generation, tragically passed away in 2011, aged just 27, after letting her demons overcome her. Whether the new film will focus on her troubled latter days is not yet known but presumably a heavy emphasis will be placed on her personal life issues. Due to her nationality, the Swedish born Noomi Rapace wouldn't be the most obvious choice to play the Camden born singer but she certainly has the screen presence and mystery behind the eyes to pull it off. If The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo had an inner driving force that was so captivating for viewers of the original Stieg Larsson adapted trilogy, Winehouse is of a similar ilk... fascinating so many people not just by her unique soulful vocals but her persona too. One big challenge here though will be the accent and convincing us that she's a Londoner. She's never managed to shrug off her own nationality with any of her movie roles yet, so this is no little task. But if she can pull off the darker side of one of this century's most popular female singers, then that little detail may be easy to overlook? There's still some hurdles for writer/director Sheridan to jump over with this idea, not least the always tricky music rights negotiations which can often derail the most promising and interesting sounding music biopics. But for now Rapace as Winehouse is a promising project that could happen. Is she the best choice to play her or do you say no, no, no?

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