Now that The Mist is getting clearer, has Darabont scored another 'King' home-run?

Trailer for The Mist hits the web. It teases, it tantalises, it probably shows you too much of the film's fat and not enough of the money shots... but that's usually a good thing right? Saves the best bits for the theatre!


Stephen King and Frank Darabont, enough said? Probably. Though I feel I have to say that there's way too much fat in this trailer and it nearly crosses the line of being two slow in getting to the money shots at the end which will get asses in seats for this thing... but still you wanna see more of this right? When I envisioned the The Mist in my head I had actually thought of a bigger supermarket which I think might have actually worked better than this claustrophobic one. This setting might get static and old very quickly but we'll see. The religious stuff is pure 'King' and looks interesting (surprisingly I never got round to reading this novel) but is it just me or are the effects on this thing not up to scratch? It looks like a straight forward bit of horror here but that might not actually be a bad thing for Darabont who remember hasn't directed a film in six years. A straight forward horror flick is a nice way to ease himself back into movie making. Though if it wasn't for Darabont's name, I can't guaranteed that I would see this. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TRAILER source - aicn
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