Now You Too Can Own A TRON LEGACY Light Cycle

If you have a spare $55,000 (£33,500) anyway,,,

Have you ever fancied riding around like Sam Flynn from Tron Legacy on your very own light cycle? Well for a fee of $55,000 (£33,500) you can do just that thanks to Parker Brothers Choppers based in Melbourne,Florida. Available on the Hammacher Schlemmer gadget website, the bike is a full scale working replica of the light cycles used in the recent Disney film. Powered by a fuel injected 996cc, 4 stroke engine taken from a Suzuki TLR1000, the bike is fully street legal and capable of speeds of up to 120mph. According to the website the light cycle is;
€œDesigned for casual cruising and slow ride-bys at shows, it is made from a steel frame covered by a fibreglass cowling that replicates the sleek look of its computer-generated imagery counterpart. Electroluminescent strips built into the tire cowlings, wheel rims, and body illuminate the cycle.€
The Hub less wheels are made from former truck tyres that have been re-shaped and re-moulded to fit the two counter rotating rims and providing the same broad tyres of it€™s CGI counterpart. At just over 8ft long, the bike has spring loaded front suspension; rigid rear suspension and a driving position that sees the rider lie along the length of the cycle. With each light cycle built to order they truly are the ultimate collector€™s item for all Tron fans. Just imagine how cool you would look riding up and down your local high street on one of these!
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