O'Dowd, Dunham, Yi & Russell in Judd Apatow's THIS IS FORTY

I saw Bridesmaids last night and it was unusual to see The I.T. Crowd comedian Chris O'Dowd playing a love interest in a Hollywood comedy, but it was fun and it worked. He played a less crazier character than usual but managed no less laughs because of this and having stole some scenes away from his American co-stars in the absurdly hilarious Dinner For Schmucks last year (when he did play crazy, literally!) - I have a feeling we are gonna see a lot more of him on our big screens in the near future. Judd Apatow, the hands-on producer of Bridesmaids clearly thinks so and has just cast him in the forthcoming Knocked Up spin-off This is Forty, his next writing/directing vehicle that is gearing up to film soon. The movie focuses on the married supporting couple Debbie (Leslie Mann) and Pete (Paul Rudd) five years on from Knocked Up and once Megan Fox was cast a few months ago, we assumed the movie revolves around the couple who have hit middle age and the problems, insecurities and doubts that set in€ with Fox as the feisty temptress who Rudd is drawn to have a fling with. But this has not been verified. In the five years since the events of Knocked Up, Pete has now become the head of a record level (he was a music scout in the original) and Chris O'Dowd, alongside the also cast Lena Dunham will play his employees. Dunham is currently developing a Sex and the City-esque t.v. show about 20 year old women titled Girls for HBO with Apatow. Kurt's son Wyatt Russell (a Wild West name if we ever heard one and fitting he will soon appear in Cowboys & Aliens) has been cast as a hockey player (perhaps someone who Debbie has something with?) and Charlene Yi has also agreed to a return. You will probably remember she played a housemate of Seth Rogen's character in a very tiny, tiny role in the original. Rogen, most likely, will make a fleeting cameo in the film (though don't expect Katherine Heigl to appear). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4QVGcnjZeM Albert Brooks, who if there is any justice in the world will receive an Oscar nomination for his screen-chewing turn in Drive, is the dad to Pete having been cast a while ago. Having previously been eyed as a summer 2012 release, This is Forty was recently delayed for a Dec 21st, 2012 release and hopefully audiences will have time over the holidays to go and see it amongst the many repeat viewings of The Hobbit!
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