Olivia Munn Wants Psylocke And Deadpool Together For X-Force

#Team Swords And Sass.

Psylocke X Force

As North American cinema-goers will now FINALLY know, Olivia Munn's Psylocke basically walks away from X-Men: Apocalypse a free woman, having aligned herself with the villain only as a means of self-promotion. Rather than really needing Apocalypse as Angel and Magneto do (Storm is manipulated more than anything), she chooses to work with him because of the increased odds of power.

In other words she's something of a mercenary.

And now, the actress has expressed her desire to team up with the X-Men universe's most famous merc for the long-rumoured X-Factor movie project. Talking to USA Today, Munn expressed her enthusiasm to team up with Ryan Reynolds' profane bad-ass for the movie:


"That would be a really cool thing to do. What he did with Deadpool was genius and Im so excited for him. It would definitely be cool to see Deadpool and some of the other X-Men characters gather for an X-Force movie. I think thats what the whole world is coming to everybody unites together, right? Its never just one character anymore. We all become one movie."

Simon Kinberg is currently writing the project, which could also see the likes of Gambit, Wolverine, Fantomex, Cable and Wolfsbane join up. It's basically the coolest, edgiest characters in the universe, and Psylocke would slot in perfectly.


Something clearly has to happen next for her: she was a late addition to Apocalypse and you can really feel it. Munn deserves more than being a mannequin for an iconic outfit and hopefully another movie would give the morally dubious figure more chance to shine.


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