Olivia Wilde to play Justin Timberlake’s mum?

Olivia Wilde (26) is set to play the mother of Justin Timberlake (29) in Andrew Niccol's' highly intriguing and now untitled sci-fi thriller at 20th Century Fox and New Regency, says The Wrap. Formely titled 'Im.mortal', the movie is set in a universe where time is described as 'currency' as your aging clock stops at 25. In this world the rich are 'immortal', and the poor struggle to live. Timberlake plays a rebel from the ghetto who is wrongly accused of killing a wealthy man to steal his time, forcing him to go on the run with his beautiful hostage (Amanda Seyfried) from the ruthless law enforcement officer named 'The Timekeeper' (Cillian Murphy) chasing him, and his right-hand man (Collins Pennie). If you forget the currently in development 'Logan's Run' remake, then this is the 'Logan's Run' of the 21st century. Niccol is a top-class concept creator, his ideas and screenplays for Gatacca and The Truman Show stand very high on my list of the best films from the 90's. There's very few movies in development I'm looking forward to more than this one. And honestly, I'm happy they took my advice and dropped that God awful 'Im.mortal' title, which didn't make any sense. I previously suggested 'Immortal' would work just fine, and I stick by that.
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