One Direction 3D Documentary To Be Directed By Morgan Spurlock

Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and TV documentary series 30 Days. Spurlock is unusual choice for the role usually making investigative documentaries and turning the camera on himself. And while his films have always had a populist entertainment element to them, this will be his most mainstream film to date. Although more recently he has been delving into pop culture. In his 2011 film Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope, he looked at geek mecca Comic Con and its move from cult into the mainstream. While TV series A Day in the Lifedocumented a €˜typical€™ day of celebrities including Richard Branson and Will.I.Am. Spurlock will produce the film alongside Ben Winston, Adam Milano and Simon Cowell who had this to say about the appointment, €œI€™m delighted we're making this film and Morgan is the perfect person to give that access-all-areas, behind-the-scenes look into what it€™s like to be One Direction today. What the band have achieved is incredible, they and their fans have made history around the world - this is for them.€ One Direction announced the film on during an appearance on NBC's The Today Show, where a record number of fans, 15,000, packed out Rockfella Square to watch their concert. They released their second album, Take Me Home, this week and it looks like it is on course to become the fastest selling album of the year. One Direction's 3D film will be released on the 30th August 2013. Cue hoards of screaming girls everywhere.


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