One Thing Everybody Missed In New Halloween Poster

An eye for an eye.

Halloween 2
Universal Pictures

As David Gordon Green's hotly-anticipated new entry in the Halloween series is fast approaching its October (when else?) release date, the marketing department has finally kicked into full gear.

Hype for the movie has been high ever since it was officially announced last year, along with the news that John Carpenter was not only back on board to produce but to also provide the soundtrack. Plot details have began to trickle out slowly ever since, with the project gaining even more fan confidence when it was revealed it would disregard every sequel following the iconic 1978 original, and would also bring back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode.

It seems as though Universal themselves are betting big on the movie too (perhaps trying to ape the runaway success of IT), dropping an official poster earlier this month in the build up to a full trailer reveal.


The minimalistic poster did its job as an initial teaser, revealing pretty much nothing about the actual movie. At least that's what I thought, until WhatCulture reader Greg Hinyub e-mailed to say that if you brighten up the picture, one rather neat detail has been hiding in plain sight this whole time.

Halloween 2018

With the brightness cranked up, you can clearly see that Michael Myers is missing part of his left eye, a wound which no incarnation of the character has ever sported. However, fans of Carpenter's original might remember that during the climactic battle between Laurie and Michael, the villain takes a coat-hanger to the eye whilst trying to break his way into a closet, which could be the reason for his new mangled face.


Because Green's new movie is carrying on directly from that initial flick, picking up decades after Michael Myers was shot out of Strode's window, it makes sense that he'd be sporting a couple of wounds from his initial encounter. It probably won't have a huge effect on the plot, but it's still a cool little detail, and a reminder that the latest Halloween is endeavouring to be the most faithful sequel yet.


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