Only 3/4 Harry Potter Fans Can Ace This Simple Quiz!

Are you a true Harry Potter fan?

Warner Bros.

Whether through J. K. Rowling's popular fantasy novels or the eight successful films placing them on our screens, most of us have been hooked on the wonderful world of wizardry they introduced us to. Following the unique and eventful lives of young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ronaldo Weasley, the releases combine witchcraft, terrifying villains, nightmare-inducing creatures, heartbreak and a lengthy list of interesting spells.

Through their encounters with dark magic and the evil main-antagonist, Lord Voldemort, die-hard fans have become connected to the characters portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, along with some other wacky students and professors we meet at Hogwarts. From its first film release, Warner Bros. has overseen eight Harry Potter movies as they provided some visuals to the successful book-series, which has seen over 500 million copies sold across the globe.

With so many inventive spells, dark magic and exciting adventures, the Harry Potter series can be a lot to take in and remember, so how about a simpler Harry Potter test? With that being said, in this quiz, What Culture challenges you to prove your mettle as a true Harry Potter fan!

1. How Many Harry Potter Novels Did J.K Rowling Write?






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