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Before you watch his new show, put your knowledge of the God of Mischief to the test!

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Few MCU characters have had journeys as cohesive and satisfying as Loki’s. From his early machinations to undermine Thor to his heroic death attempting to kill Thanos, the God of Mischief never failed to be brilliantly engaging, and won a legion of devoted fans in the process. His turbulent relationships with his family and struggle to find his identity guaranteed that he’d be remembered as a compelling, believable character.

Loki was a superb element of the first two Thor films, thanks to the arcs concerning his status as an adopted son and grief over his mother’s death. He also played a great role in Ragnarok, whether he was contributing hilarious comedy moments or finally repairing his relationship with Thor and finding redemption (well, sort of).

Throughout Loki’s journey, he was portrayed fantastically by Tom Hiddleston, who conveyed Loki’s natural charm and deep insecurities in a series of magnificent performances. It’ll be a thrill to see how the story of the alternate timeline God of Mischief will take shape, but Loki’s status as one of the MCU’s biggest successes is already unshakeable.

With that, let’s find out if your wits are as sharp as those of Marvel’s most cunning trickster!

1. Who Was Loki’s Biological Father?

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