Orphan Director Will Stake The Heart of Dracula With STOKER

More vampires, more Dracula. Warner Bros, who already have a 2012 cash-cow in the making with the Tim Burton directed 'Johnny Depp as tortured vampire with feelings' movie Dark Shadows, want another large chunk of the pop culture obsession pie. Deadline say Juame Collet-Serra, the man behind the impressive horror Orphan and Liam Neeson's latest paycheck endeavor Unknown - has found himself attached to Harker, a reinvention of Bram Stoker's Gothic tale that changes the usual real estate character into a determined Scotland Yard detective who is on the hunt for Dracula. The hope is that Harker can become some kind of franchise character like Sherlock Holmes, and if he successfully takes down Dracula and audiences like what they see, perhaps Jack the Ripper would be next? Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way are producing and his seal of approval should see Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy's spec script goes all the way to the camera's. This one looks like it will be Collet-Serra's next film and could shoot this year if casting falls nicely into place. It's just one of a dozen adaptations, re-inventions and spin-off's of Stoker's novel that are in the works right now film, but despite Hollywood paying a large wad of money for scripts, they aren't entirely convinced they want to green-light any of them. This Stoker movie, could be the first to film.
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