Oscar the GHOSTBUSTER. How dumb are we not to see this?

Sigourney Weaver claims she will be meeting with Bill Murray next week to discuss GHOSTBUSTERS 3, probably a chat to advise each other on whether they should be involved in the proposed movie or not. At this point, only Harold Ramis from the original crew is officially on board (and only behind-the-scenes at that) as they are all waiting on the quality of the script The Office scribes Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky turn in before committing themselves. But what of the return of another character from the original series? Someone I had previously not yet thought of. And no I don't mean the return of Louis Tully as played by Rick Moranis, no, no, no. From Sigourney herself to MTV (via /film)...
€œI would hope that my little Oscar would be one of the Ghostbusters even if I€™m not in it!€
Of course. Sigourney's bastard son. That kind of possible continuity is something that Hollywood can't help themselves by putting in place. I can imagine them going with the father/son storyline if indeed Weaver's character got married to Murray's Peter Venkman who now acts as Oscar's step father?

It's been two decades since the last movie, Oscar will be a grown up man now. Perfect age for a GHOSTBUSTER... it just seems inevitable.
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