Oscars 2014: 9 Hilarious Scenes From The Best Picture Nominees (And 1 That Fails Miserably)

Sure, AIDS, adoption and dementia aren't classic go-to subjects for comedy, but some movies on those very subjects still managed to crack us up.

If you take a quick look at the list of Oscar's Best Pictures from the past, you might notice a certain melodramatic pattern. The types of movies that win aren't exactly remembered for the laughs. 2011's winner The Artist could be an exception to this rule, but then again is The Artist remembered at all? Lovely film, but it doesn't leave much of anything behind. More often than not, the Best Picture winners are usually all about heroic feats amidst very tense or serious situations (Argo, The Hurt Locker, Braveheart) or swooping epic romance stories (The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, Titanic). Comedy is an essential part of what makes us keep coming back to movies time and time again. The funnier something is, the more you want to see it. And if we're talking Best Picture nominees, the funny stuff can really brighten up the gloom. This year is no exception when it comes being serious, with Steve McQueen's essential 12 Years A Slave and Paul Greengrass' Captain Phillips leaving no room for chuckles in their combined 286 minutes. Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity has George Clooney being amusing for a bit, but hilarious? I would say no. In an effort to remain positive and avoid thinking about all of my desired winners getting snubbed, I've wanted to highlight 9 hilarious scenes from this year's Best Picture nominees. While I was considering the possibilities, a certain scene was sticking out to me but for all the wrong reasons. Since I can't stay positive forever, the list will end with this one major fail from a certain Best Picture nominee. Let's do this....

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