Oscars 2014 Nominations: Most Likely Winners In All 24 Categories

Nominations for the 2014 Academy Awards were just announced yesterday, and so it's time for some early predictions now that we have a set playing field. The 86th Oscars ceremony will air on Sunday, March 2, and it is sure to be a good one. The best races include Best Actor and Best Picture - which are almost always good races - but also include both Writing categories (Adapted and Original) and both Documentary categories (Feature and Short). The films Gravity and 12 Years a Slave lead the nominations with ten apiece, and it's likely that the former will take home more than one golden boy due to all of the categories in technical filmmaking. What follows are predictions for all of the 24 Oscar categories, along with good bets for upsets by other nominees. Are these anything more than educated guesses? No! Am I going to make you slog through the boring categories to get to the good stuff? No! So continue on to see the most likely Academy Award winners in each of the categories, and be sure to comment with your thoughts below.

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