Oscars 2014: Predicting The Winners

Best Picture

Will Win: 12 Years A Slave Should Win: 12 Years A Slave Surprise Win: Gravity This is going to be one of those rare years in cinema when one of the films nominated for best picture deserves to win because it simply is one of the best films of the year. But 12 Years A Slave is more than that. It's an incredibly important film, and a masterpiece. You've heard this hyperbole about the film before, but this is creates a devastating portrait of America's past and the man who endured it all. At no point is the film emotionally manipulative or schmaltzy, but raw and honest. With no disrespect to the other nominees, but they are all typical 'Oscar' films. 12 Years should win, it will win an it will be a huge shock if it doesn't grab the gong. Everyone has jumped on the American Hustle bandwagon simply because it scored at the Golden Globes, which are less of an indicator for what will win at the Oscars as each year passes. If 12 Years A Slave has any serious rival, it's Gravity. It's not as dramatic a rivalry as 'The Kings Speech versus The Social Network' from a few years back, but simply because it's awards hype has endured, there's always a chance the academy will desperately try to show themselves as being modern and 'with it' by awarding a Science Fiction film. As enjoyable a film as Gravity is, there's no way it deserves the award.
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